INSAT - Infotainment Next Stop Announcement and Tracking

We have redefined the way to inform.

INSAT is an onboard infotainment system with a next-stop warning, multimedia content playback capability, and remote monitoring.

Available in two formats:

Watch it in action!

Because time counts. Infotainment on board.

Full of features.

Travel information

Line • Destination • Next stops presentation • Estimated time arrival • Connection interfaces

Other information

Connection to the vehicle STOP's request. • Newsfeed • Service disruption • Synchronized time information


ITxPT • Proprietary API for expanding functionality • Web services integration • Integration to the onboard computer

Sound Announcements

Audible announcement of next stop, no prior recording required • Multi-language support.

Multimedia reproduction

Remotely managed content • Reproduction of videos and images • Scheduled and georeferenced content


Targeted advertising in specific areas • Extensive reach to thousands of people per day • Excellent resource for spreading information due to its mobile and itinerant character • Guaranteed revenue

Remote management of devices and content.

Online portal access with no need for installation
Fleet segmentation by groups
Real-time monitoring
Management of multimedia content
Georeferencing and scheduling content
Lifetime service and warranty
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