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The company


NSS – New Sign Solutions designs and manufactures products and electronic systems for the transportation field.

Since its foundation, in 2002, NSS has become a reference brand in electronic information systems at national level.

Today, the company shows on its products over 15 years of experience and development.

Our destination displays are featured on the biggest public and private operators in Portugal and we’ve installed over tens of thousands of kilometers in LED lighting, spread out across the world with our brand.


Equip transportation fleets with the most advanced technology and create, due to this activity, social and environmental benefits.


To be acknowledged as a reference brand in this field at worldwide level.


Respond to the needs of our clients
Seek the continuous improvement of our products and processes
Contribute to the professional and social development of our staff

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Quality policy


Our policy demonstrates the management’s commitment in fulfilling the requirements from the Quality Management System according to the model defined in the norm NP EN ISO 9001:2015, adapted to our organization and business type, as well as the guidelines to establish, fulfill and review the previously defined goals.

NSS – New Sign Solutions carefully defined its Quality Policy in order to match it with its targes, client needs and continuous improvement, through the following commitments:

  • Grant the clients the trust that we have the technical and human capacity to provide, continuously and systemically, the Quality level demanded to satisfy their needs and expectations;
  • Promote motivation and participation of the entire company’s staff, encouraging individual initiative, team work, professional growth and high technical and human competence;
  • Ensure the update and management of regulation and legislation that may be applicable to the field of activity;
  • Ensure the functioning of the Quality Management System, based on the NP EN ISO 9001:2015 norm, fulfulling the Quality Goals in a continuous improvement perspective.

NSS – New Sign Solutions commits itself to fulfilling the requirements of the Quality Norm NP EN ISO 9001:2015, as well as the regulations applicable to its field of work.

 Continuosly growing since 2002. 

 Find out more about our background. 

NSS – New Sign Solutions was founded in 2002 by a group of 4 associates. After an impressive growth, NSS managed to surpass the competing companies until becoming the major brand in Portugal in the field of destination displays in buses and coaches.

In the beginning, the company sold flipdot destination displays, but the costs of this technology led to it being overtaken by the LED technology, thus allowing a significant cost reduction in this type of equipment, as well as increased reliability due to the absence of moving parts.

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NSS began its operation with the sale of flipdot destination displays.

After the first years, the company was fully purchased by one of the associates, Joaquim Campos, whose business vision placed NSS on a growth track that hasn’t stopped ever since.

2009 is an important year for NSS. For the first time in Portugal, a bus fleet is equipped with polychromatic destination displays, namely 40 buses from Carris, the main bus company from Lisbon, Portugal’s capital city. Along with the external destination displays, we premiered our indoor next stop displays.

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NSS pioneered the implementation of polychromatic destination displays in Portugal.

Additionally, the company integrated lighting solutions in its portfolio, having implemented in the same year a warm white LED solution in a set of Cobus vehicles. The knowledge acquired by dealing with the LED technology for the destination displays was essential to perform a solid entry in the lighting field. Besides manufacturing its own LED bars and strips, NSS was now prepared to adapt a wide range of lighting solutions to the needs of its costumers.

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NSS entered the automobile lighting field in 2009.

Lastly, still in 2009, NSS presents a new and sophisticated automatic bus stop announcement system.

A few years later, NSS included its displays in petrol stations of Prio, one of the major companies of this area in Portugal, namely for displaying the liter price of fuel, with white LED.

In 2014 NSS presents itself with a stand in the biggest trade fair within the bus and coach field, BusWorld, presenting brand new destination displays, with a unique and more pleasant colour temperature: warm white. These devices featured for the first time an USB interface, making database updates quicker and easier.

Since then the quality of our most recent solutions has led to growing demand, leaving us less time to develop new ideas. However, if we have products which are robust and reliable solutions, that is due to the company’s steady investment in product development through its Engineering team. We have several projects in progress, which we will present soon.

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NSS’s current destination display set presents interesting aesthetics combined with the economy of LED technology as well as the optimization of the display’s weight.

NSS promotes sports.

NSS supports Fábio Mota, a young racer from Vila Nova de Gaia which is competing in the European Touring Car Championship (ETCC), a competition organized by the FIA – International Automobile Federation, for the Lein Racing team whilst driving a Seat León Cup Racer.

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Know the latest news.

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8 January 2018
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NSS destination display sales grow 71% in 2017


After a very successful sales growth in 2016, at 74%, 2017 is another successful year for NSS, with yet another very positive growth of 71%. NSS thanks all of its customers for prefering our products. We’re thrilled to see the outcome of our team’s commitment and professionalism. Fortunately, the horizon for 2018 leaves us confident for a continued sales growth trajectory.

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© Cristiano Nascimento
12 October 2017
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NSS will provide the displays for STCP’s 188 new buses


On August 31st the purchase of 188 new buses by Oporto’s bus company STCP was approved, with 173 natural-gas-fired and 15 electricly driven units. After succesful negotiations, it has been decided that NSS, national market leader in LED destination displays, will equip each of the buses with three displays. Another important milestone in the history of the company, whose growth in the past decade leaves us proud and drives us to grow even further.

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© CP
1 October 2017
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NSS provides lighting on the renewed Alfa Pendular


After the presentation of the new appearance of Alfa Pendular, Portugal’s fastest trains, the renewal continues with four more trains that along 2017 will be reintegrated in the company’s active fleet. NSS is featured in this renewal with its elegant lighting solutions, equipping the bar-carriage and all WC‘s on these trains that are about 160m long and reach speeds of 200 km/h.